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Different valuation metods

Different valuation methods explained

Valuation methods, or rather the specific value of a business, is one of the most common question that I get. I will shortly explain the five most common valuation methods

Due diligence areas to prepare

What due diligence areas to prepare?

Due diligence is a potential buyer’s appraisal of a business. There are 4 due diligence areas: Commercial, technical, financial and a human resource due diligence.

Growth strategies valuation

10 soft factors in business valuation

Why do business valuations come to different results on seemingly similar businesses? Making a financial valuation gives a gross indication, but a number of adjustments need to be made. There

Growth strategies valuation

Build your own cash flow valuation model

Looking to sell your business? A discounted cash flow valuation model is the preferred investor method of a more in-depth business valuation, referred to as a DCF-model. Here is how

What factors determine the value of my business

Curious about the value of your business?

Are you in the process of selling your company or thinking about acquiring another? Perhaps you’re simply curious about the value of your business? Thinking about the value of your


Shall I raise equity to grow?

We read all the time about startups that raise equity. There is a tech startup culture being nursed that equity fundraising is a sign of success. The annoying part: It

Venture capital and private equity

Venture capital and private equity differences

While you may have heard of different investors, the difference between venture capital and private equity can be somewhat confusing. Let’s sort things out in this article and explain all

Market potential is key to business valuation

Market potential key to valuation

Market potential is the indication of customer appetite and scalability in a business. Let’s go through the five elements of determining a market potential: (1) Industry. (2) Market size. (3)


The best exit options in my opinion

Most entrepreneurs don’t start a business with different exit options in mind. But at some point, everyone faces an exit discussion. The reason? It could be age, a partner disagreement,

Banks advice M&A but its nt for entrepreneurs

Banks advice may not be good for you

Banks advice on transactions, earning their revenue when transactions are closed. They will not advice on strategy or give counselling to founders. Most often it is not what you are looking for,

Growth strategies and financing

Investors financial return requirement

Venture capital investors has a 10x financial return requirement on invested capital over a five year period, on average. That is a very high returen requirement but reflects the risks

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